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We believe in empowering both dog professionals and passionate families with in-depth knowledge to foster better behavioral health, welfare and success for pet dogs. 
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L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology

Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course

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Transform Your Understanding of Dogs with Kim Brophey's Pioneering Course

A revolutionary approach to dog understanding, equipping canine professionals (and enthusiasts) with the tools to shift from altering behavior to comprehending its roots, enriching your professional journey and expertise.

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Dog Breeding Courses

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Embark on a journey of responsible and ethical dog breeding with Pupstart's expert-led courses. Whether you're a seasonaed breeder or a first-timer, Pupstart equips you with science-based insights to breed and raise healthy, happy puppies, ensuring they find their perfect forever homes. Join a community committed to raising the bar in dog breeding practices.


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Are You Ready for a Puppy?

🐾 Embark on the Puppy Readiness Challenge
Preparing for a puppy is an adventure – take the 5-day challenge to discover if it's an adventure you're ready for!! Daily tasks and insights will guide you through the essential considerations of puppy ownership, from breed selection to understanding dog care responsibilities.

👪 Fun for the Whole Family Engaging and informative, this challenge is designed to be enjoyable for all ages. 

💭 Make Informed Decisions with Confidence
This challenge isn't just fun (and FREE) – it's your roadmap to responsible puppy parenting. Gain the knowledge to answer crucial questions about puppy readiness, breed choice, and prepare for a lifelong companion.

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Simple family dog training

🌈 Unlock Simplicity in Dog Training 
Designed for busy parents, this method transforms dog training into a 40-minute, enjoyable experience with practical tips and tricks to make dog training effortless and fun.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For the Whole Family
This innovative method is so straightforward, even your kids will love learning with it.

💡 Empowerment at Your Fingertips
Say goodbye to complex training routines. With the DIAL METHOD™, a quick glance is all you need to guide your family and dog to a happier, safer, and more intuitive life together.

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