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This is where Meet Your Dog Online would like to acknowledge and thank all our contributors: the Editorial Board who continue to support the growth of this project and website; breed experts from around the world who've assisted with their specialist knowledge and experience; authors of blog posts; and those who've helped with building the site!

So, many thanks to all those listed, and to the many more soon to be listed 🙏

Vicky Carne

Denise Armstrong

Sophie Bailey

Desiree Beauchamp

Kim Brophey

Zoe Carter

Tony Cruse

Melissa Cushman

Jessica Hekman

Julie Humiston

Elizabeth Ingalls

Kristi Jones

Jessie Kasper

Kate Keen

Sylvia Kocerzuk

Kelly Ladouceur

Beth Moody

Kathy Murphy

Karen Ogden

Myrthe Oskamp

Pat Owen

Kasia Piasecka

Celeste Pongracz

Liza Rader

Jane Robinson

Lisa Rynston-Lobel

Justine Schuurmans

Lauren Sharkey

Michael Shikashio

Tess Starr

Sherry Steinlein

Michelle Stern

Petra Strumpfova

Jo Taylor

Frances Turcotte

Meredith Wadsworth

Rebecca Walters

Abigail Witthauer

Kelly Whittington

Jess Wright

Caroline Wilkinson

Abigail Witthauer