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We can put dogs into groups based on what kind of job they were born to do. For example, some were bred to hunt animals with their nose, while others to herd sheep.

Scientists have studied the DNA of many different dog breeds and found that they can organize all the breeds into ten groups based on their genes.

This helps us understand what kind of behavior a dog might have because of its genes. Even if a dog is not a purebred, it still has genes from one or more breed groups that can tell us things about how it might behave.These groups are slightly different to those defined by national Kennel Clubs. They are based on a breed's original purpose, certain behavioural inclinations, and their morphological features as a result of this selection.

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We're working on getting as many individual breed descriptions as possible – you can see them here

Scent Hound
Gun Dog
Natural Dog
Sight Hound
Toy Dog
Bull Dog
World Dog