Meet Your Dog

A Good Life for Dogs (and their families)

May 04, 2023

The modern pet dog industry faces many challenges as it grapples with the complex nature of canine behaviour and welfare in our modern society.

When Kim Brophey's book, Meet Your Dog, was first published in 2018, it became the focal point for a growing movement of dog professionals and others concerned about the future of pet dogs, and how we might create a good life for dogs in the challenging circumstances in which they now find themselves.

Kim, an applied ethologist and canine behavior consultant, brought together insights from a wide range of scientific disciplines, including genetics, ethology and physiology and introduced a comprehensive framework known as L.E.G.S.®  – Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self – to help us explain our dogs' behaviour. 

She has highlighted the importance of understanding our dogs' breed specific behavioural traits, many of which we originally created because, in it suited our own purposes. Those traits such as hunting, guarding and herding, so useful to us in the past, are often in conflict with the environment pet dogs find themselves in today.   

You can learn more about a dog's L.E.G.S.® here.

Traditional breed descriptions tend to focus on superficial characteristics such as appearance and temperament. At Meet Your Dog Online we go beyond that to provide you with breed descriptions based on recent scientific understanding of dog behaviour and welfare. We give you a comprehensive understanding of each breed's unique characteristics including their genetic predispositions toward certain behaviours. By understanding your dog's genetic makeup, and how it may affect their behaviour, you can make informed decisions about training, socialisation and care. 

Knowing more about the dogs we invite into our homes can only be an improvement for both the dogs and the people who love them. So, welcome to Meet Your Dog Online. We want to help you help your dogs enjoy a good life!


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